On March 30, Google announced its selection of Kansas City as the first location the company would install its ultra-fast fiber-to-the-home network. Google selected Kansas City in part because it already had a substantial fiber network in place and it will give area hospitals access to high quality 3D images in underserved neighborhoods.


While the City is disappointed that Ann Arbor was not selected, we are still very pleased with the relationships that developed and the excitement demonstrated by the community and many other organizations that supported this effort. Fiber-to-the-home has enormous potential to change the economic landscape, drive innovation, and make positive changes to the public policy issues surrounding the internet, so we're glad to see Google moving forward with this initiative. The City is very thankful to the many supporters in this community who helped in the process - http://www.a2fiber.com/other-community-supporters.


A special shout-out to the University of Michigan, SPARK, DTE Energy, Ann Arbor Ad Club, Pure Visibility, HDL, and Ingenex Digital Marketing.
Thanks for your efforts!


There is still work to be done!
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