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About Us

“We are excited by this opportunity to partner with other leaders in our community — and to hear from our residents — demonstrating why Google should select Ann Arbor as the ideal location for making better and faster Internet for everyone a reality.” (Letter of support)

City of Ann Arbor
Mayor John Hieftje

“Access to ultra-high speed broadband networks in the Ann Arbor area would be a significant spur to continued cooperation and innovation in our community and beyond.” (Letter of support)

University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman

A2Fiber.com is a collaboration among the City of Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan and local high-tech leaders. Our goal is to show why we believe Google should pick our community to install a fiber optic network that will stream data at 1 gigabit per second, about 100 times faster than most Americans get through their current cable and DSL providers.
Through our efforts, we plan to emphasize several points that we believe makes Ann Arbor a natural choice.
Among them:
  • A strong tradition of entrepreneurialism and innovation, dating back to the dawn of computers and including the establishment of such cutting-edge companies such as Internet2 and Merit. 
  • Existing infrastructure that supports Google installing (at its own expense) the necessary fiber optic cables to fully wire the city.
  • The presence of one of the nation’ s leading research institutions, which is part of the University Research Corridor, an effort to leverage combined university assets and accelerate the state’s economic transformation and growth.
  • Our ongoing, positive relationship with Google, which now has its third-largest U.S. facility in Ann Arbor.
But we need your help.
In its Request for Information, announced February 10, Google said “the level of community support” could be a critical factor when it decides where to build. We have created this website to spread the word why a Google Fiber network would not only improve the quality of life, but it would bring new jobs to Ann Arbor by solidifying the city as the technological hub of Michigan.
Explore this site to learn more about how it could improve your life and what you can do to support this effort.
Josh Baron,
Mar 25, 2010, 4:16 PM
Josh Baron,
Mar 25, 2010, 9:26 AM